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It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of November already. The last few months have been hectic, but also exciting for everyone here at SmartRecruiters. After going independent a little over a month ago, launching a new website, migrating to Amazon’s EC2 cloud, going live with our new community, and introducing a bunch of new features in September, we finally found ourselves with a bit of time to put together our October Release.
October saw us prioritizing our roadmap based on all your great feedback and working on features and issues shared by you:

  • We launched the Apply via Facebook feature. As requested by you, candidates can now apply to your jobs using their Facebook profile.

  • Updates were introduced to the Applicant List, which now includes a new ajax table and increased performance so you can better manage your applicants.

  • Our engineering team quickly fixed a number of bugs and issues including a problem with the labels on our online application form and an issue with the merge fields for our email auto-reply system.

Now applicants can apply to positions via facebook:

What’s coming next:
New job widgets will make it easier to display your jobs on your website, blogs, community, product pages — wherever you’d like.  Work has started on a comprehensive search feature which is currently the highest voted idea on our community and thus one of our top priorities. Improvements will be made to the management of user roles. Finally, a new ‘Share Profile’ feature will  greatly enhance your ability to collaborate with your colleagues in SmartRecruiters — one of our first steps on our quest to make recruiting more social and enjoyable.
Thanks for all your fantastic support, and please don’t hesitate to contribute on the SmartRecruiters Community!
Nik Hristov
Client Success Advocate | SmartRecruiters

Nik Hristov

Nik Hristov is the Service Manager at SmartRecruiters.