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Why work at SmartRecruiters?

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Our new website went live yesterday WITHOUT a Careers page and it was all my fault. It was a painful decision considering I’ve been building career sites for others for as long as they’ve been around. However, we weren’t ready with the content and I certainly didn’t want to put the usual corporate blah blah that you often see on Career pages.

Then today, in the middle of the #ZeroUE craziness, someone asked “What’s a CEO most critical skill?” and I immediately answered “Recruiting” of course. There is some truth in it, the ability to acquire (and keep) top talent is probably the most important skill any manager should possess.

So, with that in mind, I went back to my “draft content for Careers page” and tried to put something together that would:

1. Properly translate what it’s like to work at SmartRecruiters

2. Clearly express our employee value proposition

3. Be attractive for the right kind of people

Here is what I got:

Why work at SmartRecruiters?

Although this page is entitled “Careers”, it is probably more of a Quest that we offer. Smartrecruiters is a start-up with a Vision [make hiring easy] and a Cause [eradicate unemployment].

We have a passion for innovation [especially when it becomes disruptive] and we think the $160bn recruiting industry sucks. So we plan to leverage technology and social to disrupt it severely [and eradicate unemployment on the way].

Our Open SaaS [Mashup of SaaS and Open Source] recruiting software is entirely free and helps businesses gain access to the talent they need, creating more jobs and filling them faster.

We are a well-funded and well-founded business with a great team. We hope you’ll enjoy our open culture and key values [Work smart, have fun, make the difference] as well as cool offices in SOMA [South of Market] in San Francisco and in NORI [North of River] in Krakow.

Our hiring process is straight forward. You come to interview us, ask as many questions as you like, get to meet the whole team and then you let us know if you like it.

Don’t see a job you like, no worries. You can connect with us on facebook or twitter. We’ll keep you posted the minute something comes up.

So what do you think? Cool, not cool? Effective, not? I think I am going to publish as is but I’d love your comments and feedback.

Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck is the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, the industry's premier talent acquisition suite to find and hire great people.