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Winter 18 Feature Release

This season’s release is a hat-trick of practical use add-ons that will make your candidate pipeline more efficient, give you greater power to interpret data and enable you to expand into local markets.

Every season we release new features, expanding our ever-evolving TAS to make your hiring process easier. Last season that meant integrating with big names like Slack, Facebook, Google, and Amazon to reduce your clicks and encourage collaboration from hiring managers. Another excitedly awaited functionality rolled out in Fall 2017 was ‘delayed candidate rejections’ which enables recruiters to delay rejection emails so if they immediately know someone is a poor fit, they can delay notifications.

Each season is different but we are always after the same goal. Make hiring better. Our Winter 18 features focus on transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness with add-ons that help recruiters find candidates in local markets, process them without redundancy, and then review their own work processes with easy to use analytics to keep improving their process for their company and their candidates.

Universal Profile

One person one profile. Each candidate creates a single profile with up-to-date information.

In large companies who experience a high volume of both internal and external candidates all applying for multiple jobs it can be harder than you think for one arm to know what the other arm is doing. Nothing looks more unprofessional to a candidate than to receive communications from two different hiring managers from the same company who seem to be unaware of each other’s existence.

Now, with Universal Profiles, recruiters can eliminate this common pain point and work across departments to find the best fit for every job opening.

Universal profiles source up to date CRM information from the candidates before and after the application process allowing employers access to the current status of every applicant.

Our VP of Product Rebecca Carr adds that in the future, “a proprietary ‘job fit’ score will be further amended to these profiles from the new SmartRecruiters Ai  which is currently in beta.”

So you can even use these profiles to source candidates for future jobs and encourage internal mobility!

Report Builder

A full-suite reporting command center including native reporting engine, ad hoc report builder, and real-time data warehouse unique and accessible to each customer.

We all know there’s a difference between having something and actually using it. Like the abandoned treadmill in the corner of most garages, a data set is only as effective as our ability to interpret.

As HR evolves to be a more strategic function and analytics are required to better understand candidate quality, cost saving, and business velocity, Director of Product, Natalia Baryshnikova explains, “Organizations will be able to compose, run and schedule real-time reports on their personal data sets across all SmartRecruiters modules, including the core platform and upcoming CRM and AI modules.” Which means you can start putting your data to work for you today instead of at some distant point in the future.

Latest integration: XING and WeChat

After integrating with big names like Slack, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, there’s still more collaboration to be had.

Most recently we’ve gained partnerships with regional vendors like XING (Linkedin competitor DACH) and WeChat in China, and all of Asia to further glocalize our suite and make sure our customers can find the candidates where they need and when they need.

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