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Your Candidates Deserve Better #SmartStart

Close your eyes and think about the last time you applied to a job. Was it hard? Were you frustrated? Did you consider dropping off at any point? If you answered ‘yes’, you are not alone. Over 74% of jobseekers get frustrated and drop off due to application length and/or complexity.* Truth is, being a jobseeker sucks! It’s hard to find the right job, it takes too long to apply to that job, and then you wait in what is known, across candidates, as the “resume black hole”. But as a company looking for great talent, how does that “resume black hole” affect your business?

Let’s start with the impact of a poor candidate experience: This has proven to extend beyond Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, directly influencing a business’ bottom line. A poor candidate experience not only deters the candidate from future jobs as well as the products / services of the company but it also affects the choices of their inner circle. Today, in this connected world, that experience and those opinions can travel far beyond that inner circle. Poor candidate experience = loss of great talent + loss of customers.

On the flip side, that connected world can allow for a positive candidate experience to travel just as far and fast, and in many cases, will lead to an increase in candidate volume, hires, and referrals. A healthier candidate pipeline and seamless apply-to-offer process will result in increased quality of hire, lower cost per hire and shorter time to fill. This ultimately will positively impact the bottom line.

Want this response from your candidates?

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We, at SmartRecruiters, want to help companies of all shapes, sizes, and colors make their candidate experience a competitive advantage. Across our Corporate and Global editions, we see an average of 65% candidate conversion ratio (that’s only 35% drop off or 2x better than the rest of the systems out there) and 85% candidate satisfaction rating. With our launch of SmartStart, we want to extend this opportunity to small businesses for whom it is even harder to find great talent. At the same time, we are excited to impact the lives of millions of candidates by providing a top tier candidate experience and help them find their dream job.

We’re going back to our roots and staying true to our mission: Connecting people to jobs at scale. By introducing SmartStart, companies and teams with <250 FTEs now have access to a world-class recruiting software for free. Yes, free. As a result, tens-of-thousands more jobs and millions more candidates can now seamlessly connect.

Here’s to happier candidates and connecting people to jobs at scale!

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