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Your SmartRecruiters Owner’s Manual: Nik Hristov

“I love what I do. Nothing beats a great comment, like ‘you helped me to make a great hire and help our business and organization grow,’ and whenever I hear something like this, it really makes my day, and this is why I go to work in the morning and stay late.”

Nik Hristov is the service manager at SmartRecruiters, responsible for all things customer service.  As the first hired employee of SmartRecruiters, Nik has been there since the start, and has a developed a deep understanding of the product and the industry.  When a customer encounters any questions, concerns, or difficulties, Nik is there to help. He’s accessible to the user, whether it’s training clients on new features, helping clients set up their page for the first time, or educating clients on how to use their platform better, Nik sums up his purpose in one sentence:

“I ensure that SmartRecruiters has raving fans, and that everyone can use and enjoy it to its fullest.”


Before SmartRecruiters, Nik started at SmartRecruiters’s founder Jerome Ternynck’s company, MrTed. Starting as a marketing intern, Nik’s natural progression to service manager came as he worked with the product, development, and interacted more and more with clients. Being apart of both SmartRecruiters and MrTed, Nik gained comprehensive knowledge of the online recruiting industry, as well as the recruiting platform.  Think of Nik as your living SmartRecruiters owner’s manual.

“If you have a question or if you might be running into any difficulties, we are here to help. We are always here to help. And using free software doesn’t necessarily mean that you are on your own.”

It’s common to think that using a free platform will come with no client services. However, Nik is proactive in helping clients with any issues they may have. Whether it’s a call, an email, our GetSatisfaction community or a tweet, Nik quickly contacts that client and resolves the problem. With a big company, you may have to go through a series of automated phone programs. With SmartRecruiters, you’ll have a real live human on the other end who is there to help.

“Being client centric, and really understanding our clients, it’s just something that adds to the whole SmartRecruiter’s experience.”

Nik Hristov Recommendation

So other than helping clients resolve issues and the satisfaction of good feedback, why does Nik come into work every morning?

“When I get into the office in the morning, I know that today, and every single day, there’s going to be someone new to talk to or to get in touch with. And this speaks to the reach of SmartRecruiters. We have businesses using us, from small mom-and-pop shops, to quite big and serious organizations. So this part of my job, talking to all sorts of business owners, recruiters, and HR people, this is something that I love.”

Nik’s passion for helping clients is complimented by his fascination with the online recruiting industry. And combining a passion to support users with a deep understanding of the industry, as well as seeing its importance, makes Nik a valuable resource.

“It’s something every company participates in, but it’s something that’s in the background. Everyone hires. It’s like a fabric that holds everything together. It might not be at the forefront, people might not hear about it as much, but it’s actually something that really helps people and drives business.’

What’s the most common questions that Nik hears?: “How can you guys do that? How are you able to give us this great software?” which is a question that Nik Hristov loves to answer.  He can assure a client that there is no catch.

“SmartRecruiters is what SmartRecruiters is. We are here to help you hire better, easier, and faster. And we are here to make sure that every business has the best tools at their disposal, and that every business can compete and can hire easily.”


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