Supervisor of Production

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  • Full-time

Company Description

Company Description
Component Repair Technologies, Inc. is a leader in aerospace component repairs.We provide high quality component repair to airlines, military, and land & marine turbine engine operators around the world.

Job Description

POLICY:  Communicate company policy, philosophy, and business goals to employees.


COMMUNICATE:  Promote effective communication between departments, shifts, levels, divisions, and employees. Communicate effectively with lead people, other supervisors and with managers regarding all areas of responsibility.


TASK ASSIGNMENT:         Schedule (or oversee the scheduling by lead people) of the various tasks that must be accomplished to meet daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and long-term company goals. Manage (or oversee the management by lead people) core hours, vacations, flexible schedules, and overtime to meet goals. Coordinate task assignments to ensure that daily schedules are met. Ensure continuity of workflow between shifts and departments.


STAFFING: Evaluate manpower needs and recommend hiring plans to managers. Perform, conduct, and oversee the hiring process with the manager’s approval. Involve leadspersons and co-workers as much as possible in the hiring process. Responsible to ensure that all hiring paperwork is completed properly. Oversee that overtime is fairly distributed and used wisely. Ensure that employee time is used effectively.


SUPERVISION: May supervise other supervisory personnel (lead people). May supervise employees in different departments and across different shifts.  Responsible to ensure that employees are qualified to perform the work they are assigned.


EMPLOYEE REVIEWS:  Conduct or participate in reviews. Ensure that reviews occur in a timely manner and are recorded and turned in to the Personnel Department. Ensure that evaluations are based on non-biased observations of work performance that is adequately and accurately documented. Recommend wage changes to managers for approval.


EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT: Work to develop leaders in all departments. Identify employees for further development. Work on the development of leadership as well as technical skills.


TRAINING: Oversee that employees are trained and cross-trained and that all certification requirements are met in order to meet company needs. Responsible to ensure that training plans are in place so that employees are challenged and grow with the needs of the company.


DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Review employee issues, with lead people if applicable. Communicate frequently with manager when issues may become problems. Document interactions with employees that may lead to disciplinary action in the future, and oversee that leadspersons are documenting such interactions. Recommend disciplinary action to management, based on leadsperson's input or other input and documentation.


MONITOR EMPLOYEES: Conduct or oversee follow-up meetings and discussions after performance reviews and/or after disciplinary action to ensure that goals are met.


DOCUMENTATION: Responsible to ensure that personnel complete paperwork correctly – including but not limited to timecards, folders, and the correct use of forms. Responsible to communicate to the employees the regulatory and customer service reasons for our requirements and our documentation.


DEPARTMENT MEETINGS: Responsible to ensure that meetings occur as necessary as forums for group training and continuous improvement of processes.


PROCESS CONTROL/QUALITY CONTROL: Aid in the development and maintenance of systems, processes, and procedures to ensure that work is performed in accordance with customer requirements, regulations, and company policy. Responsible to ensure that employees are trained and monitored as necessary to achieve process control for optimum quality and efficiency.


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Work with leadspersons and employees to identify areas for improvement. Work with quality, engineering, and other departments to evaluate and target areas that can be improved. Oversee corrective actions and ensure that objective root-cause analysis occurs.


PURCHASING/FACILITIZING: Evaluate needs of departments and make recommendations to managers for purchases to support continuing and new efforts. Evaluate needs for outside vendors and make recommendations to managers. Coordinate and oversee work with outside vendors. Use vendor procedures, including correct purchasing procedures and vendor corrective action procedures.


SAFETY:  Work with employees and other supervisors to continuously monitor the safety of the facility and of work performed.


  • Technical knowledge. Overall knowledge of processes the supervisor is responsible to oversee. The ability to oversee various technical or complex processes.  The ability to evaluate technical issues objectively.
  • Certification. Where FAA certification is required, must meet the requirements of FAR Part 65 (at least 18 months experience in the processes overseen, industry certification when required, demonstrated knowledge of applicable FAA regulations, demonstrated knowledge of CRT Inspection Procedures Manual and quality systems). Other certifications may be specified for the specific area of responsibility.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills. Ability to give and receive constructive criticism. Demonstrated leadership abilities. Ability to work within a team to achieve results. Ability to gather information and evaluate personnel issues objectively. Ability to conduct and facilitate meetings.
  • Ability to balance many responsibilities simultaneously.
  • Flexibility. Able and willing to perform work as well as oversee work. Able and willing  to work a flexible schedule as the job requires.
  • Commitment to continuing education. Able and willing to continue technical and supervisory education through seminars or classes.

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