Senior Software Engineer

  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Continuuity has been recognized as one of the hottest top 5 Big Data Startups in the world [GigaOM].  Do you want an opportunity to build some of the baddest new Big Data platforms? Are you passionate about building and designing scalable, distributed, high performance software systems?  Do you have an understanding of the wider perspective and do you enjoy designing and building platforms that can have a huge impact in the BigData space?

Job Description

Continuuity is looking for an experienced and motivated Senior Technical leader.  You will be working to building the next generation Application Server for BigData system and solving several of tough problems in BigData space.  Developing the Continuuity AppFabric(™) platform presents many technical challenges in the areas of  distributed computing.

You will have the opportunity to implement complex algorithms on the Hadoop/HBase/YARN stack. It requires the application of knowledge of software design principles, systems programming, algorithms, data structures, Java and C/C++. You will also be intimate with the Open Source development community.  The candidate should be able to scope and define undefined problems using intuition, common sense, relevant data, strong academic knowledge of Computer Science (algorithms, data structures, etc), and  software development experience. You will be asked to lead the design and implementation of key features and components in the Continuuity AppFabric.  


    • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or a related field, academic knowledge of Computer Science       (algorithms, data structures etc)  
    •  8+ years of software development experience   
    • Strong systems programming background. Multi-process, distributed computing, performance analysis       and optimization experience highly desirable.   
    • Experience in Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase preferred   
    • Participated in the full life cycle of a large project: design, implementation, testing, releasing and sustaining.   
    • Proficiency in Java, C/C++   
    • Event Driven Programming, Concurrent Programming   
    • Solid object-oriented programming experience   
    • Experience w/ Perl or Python   
    • Proficiency in UNIX/Linux tools and utilities   
    • Strong teamwork skills.   
    • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal and are really proud of them

Additional Information

About Continuuity
We're a small, well-funded team in a bright and fun office in Palo Alto.  Help us find and deliver simplicity to our users, built upon the power and complexity of Hadoop.
Continuuity delivers the industry’s first Big Data application fabric, fueling the next generation of Big Data applications by making it fast and easy for any developer to build, deploy, scale and manage Big Data apps. Built by developers for developers, Continuuity offers a unified experience across the entire application lifecycle from development to DevOps. Continuuity provides pre-packaged building blocks with higher level APIs, Datasets, tooling and documentation that make creating Big Data applications blazing fast. The cloud-based Continuuity AppFabric™, the first scale-out application server for Hadoop and HBase, is built on top of Hadoop open source components and shields developers from the complexity of Big Data and cloud infrastructure. With visually rich UIs, elastic scalability at the touch of a button and push-button app deployment from the developer’s local machine to the cloud, Continuuity shifts the focus from infrastructure creation to business value creation. Built by a team that has worked on and run some of the biggest, most sophisticated Big Data systems in the world, Continuuity is the future of Big Data application development.