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Job Posting for Independent Store Owners

SmartRecruiters is a secure online tool that helps you manage your hiring process from start to finish. SmartRecruiters lets you quickly and easily create job posts and track applicants so you can find the best talent for your business.

The SmartRecruiters site links directly to the NAPA Careers site, through which 230,000 applications were submitted in 2014. Not only will your job opening be exposed to NAPA Careers candidate traffic, but you have the opportunity to post to several FREE job boards. You can also manage any paid job board postings, including a discounted $99 Indeed posting, from within this simple tool. Follow these steps to start posting jobs.

Quick Tips

SmartRecruiters is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. Follow the instructions below for various ways to customize your SmartRecruiters account.

Capitalize on NAPA’s Existing Partnership with Indeed

As an Independent Store Owner, you can benefit from NAPA’s existing relationship with Indeed and get the NAPA discounted job posting rate. For just $99 per job posting, you receive:

  • Indeed is the World’s # job site with over 180 million unique visitors every month
  • Indeed’s job search engine includes millions of jobs from thousands of sources. Sponsored Jobs are displayed prominently and appear more often in search results, so you can reach the right talent faster.
  • More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. Over 180 million visitors each month search for jobs, post resumes and research companies on Indeed.

Invite Other People From Your Store

If there are multiple people in your company that take part in your hiring process you can add them to your SmartRecruiters account, allowing them to create job posts, edit posts or review applicants. On the Home tab, click Invite Other People From Your Company. There are no limits to the number of users that you can add to SmartRecruiters.

Connect Your Social Sites With SmartRecruiters

You can link Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to your SmartRecruiters account. When linked to your account, any job you create will automatically appear as a status update on your social networking sites with a link to the job post. From the Home page, click Connect LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Accounts. You will then be able to enter information for your social networking sites and link them to your SmartRecruiters account.

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