Sr. Technical Product Manager- ebay, Inc./PayPal

  • San Jose, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

eBay is a technology company driving the ‘future of commerce’!  We are enabling consumers to buy anything, anywhere, anyhow, thus unifying the online buying experience across the mobile, local, social and digital space. 

Job Description

We are currently seeking a Senior Technical Product Manager for PayPal''s Global Platform Services Team.  The role requires bringing together customer focus and technological leadership.  The responsibilities include identifying the next platform services that our customers, namely the different business units within PayPal will need and lead their definition, architecture and delivery.  The right candidate will have a strong technical experience with complex software systems with a proven record of identifying customer’s technical requirements and products delivery.


The PM’s main responsibility is to represent the customers’ current and expected needs, and make sure they get reflected in all of the organization’s activities - from planning to execution and roll-out – to ensure the customer success.

The PM will “own” a specific technical domain, which may include one or more products that deliver related capabilities to our internal customers.

The PM needs to:

Understand the need:

  • Understand the needs and expectations of the customers – what are they willing to pay for?
  • Understand the plans and challenges of the customers – what, if educated, the customers will be willing to pay for? And plan the education…
  • Understand the working landscape of the customers and its limitations
  • Understand the challenges and expectations of the users (as opposed to the customers) – what prevents them from making better usage of the product? What can be done in order to make them adopt it faster?
  • Understand the competitive landscape – what are other companies do to address the same challenges? What are the industry standards? What are the general market expectations? What are common technologies that are available?


Internally Address the need:

  • Communicate the customers’ and users’ needs to the organization:
  • Define and prioritize the scenarios and use cases that will address the need and requirements
  • Define the user experience that will deliver best adoption
  • Describe the impact of current defects on the customers and users
  • Prioritize the investments made to address the need between functional requirements, non-functional requirements and defects resolution 
  • Lead the effort of blue-printing the architecture and high level design to address the customers’ needs
  • Review the implementation plans from the customers’ and users’ perspective
  • Monitor the product’s current ability to address the needs through constant validations with the customers, relationships with the development teams, QA, etc.
  • Drive to resolve every obstacle that prevents the emerging product from addressing the customer’s problems – architecturally, resources-wise, or management attention
  • Monitor the expected cost of the product to the customer (specifically operations cost, migrations, training, etc.)


Roll out the Product to solve the need:


  • Build and own the relationship with the customers
  • Position the product and market its benefits – presentations and “road-shows”
  • Plan the roll-out and ramp-up of the product to the customers and users to increase awareness and correct usage
  • Be responsible for the preparation of all the material that is needed for the successful adoption of the product – tutorials, release notes, reference code, etc.
  • Monitor the progress of adoption and successful usage – collect feedback for upgrades and fixes
  • Must have 8-10 years of expereince
  • Must have experience working on the cloud platform and infrastructure
  • Must have go to market experience. 

Additional Information

Rocky Gonzalez