Data Software Engineer

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description is a leading internet venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, Hamburg, Moscow, São Paulo, Tokyo and Beijing. With portfolio companies such as NGINX, Recurly, Groupon, Angieslist, Sonos, Yume Networks, Pulse, delicious and, an entrepreneurial and ambitious team, as well as funds in five different geographies, e.Ventures is uniquely positioned to invest successfully in early-stage internet startups around the world.

Job Description

The Investment Team is aiming to hire a full-time Data Software Engineer to aid in the search for and analysis of early stage consumer internet and infrastructure businesses, both locally and abroad.  This addition to the team will get the opportunity to interact closely with our Investment Team and learn about the early stage startup industry as a whole.  

You will report directly to one of the Managing Partners, who has built and shipped several software products and, among others, is currently serving on the Board of Directors at NGINX.  

You will have both autonomy and responsibility for product development and input into the product roadmap.  The ideal applicant must be comfortable doing the following items:

-Creating software for retrieving, parsing and processing structured and unstructured data from the web and commercial data providers.
-Building indexes and feature extraction software.  
-Creating and maintaining automatic HTML reports and visualizations, and interactive JavaScript based forms.  
-Maintain our in-house data infrastructure running on PostgreSQL, C++, Cantera Table (  and your scripting language of choice.  
-A small amount (less than 3000 lines) of existing web page generation scripts are written in PHP.


Applicants must be familiar with:

- The details of the HTTP protocol
- Linear regression
- Logarithms
- PostgreSQL

Applicants must be able to implement any operation (insert, lookup, next and delete) on unbalanced binary trees, open addressing hash tables in C or C++ on a basic Debian installation with no Internet

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