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Company Description

GTP is committed to providing valuable business and technology consulting services with excellent customer support and timely delivery of client solutions.  We believe in strong partnerships which result in rapid ROI and high quality deliverables.

We keep up with the latest trends in the industry and utilize the most appropriate processes and technologies that fit long-term client needs.

Our core focus supports rapid change management initiatives.  We utilize Agile, Scrum, and Lean principles and leverage open source technologies, architecture and frameworks to best solve your problems.  Our solutions and services support  enable the cost-effective management of business systems, and uniquely support both flexibility and controls as defined through the requirements engineering process.  Our people, process, and technology expertise  allow us to deliver services and solutions that support the agility to embrace the changes of the future.

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Job Description

The Drupal UI engineer builds content-focused Drupal theme solutions using PHP, Javascript and CSS on the Acquia enterprise hosted platform.  Qualified candidates will feel they are fluent in the Drupal API version 6.x and 7.x and are comfortable developing in PHP 5.x, with good knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and jQuery.  Ideal Drupal UI Engineers will have experience working on small agile teams developing websites and web applications from the ground up.

This position will interact closely with a scrum team to shape project requirements and guide projects through completion.


  • ·         Must be able to problem solve commonly encountered code problems on a white board using hand-written pseudo-code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP)
  • ·         Must understand the most common parts of the Drupal API and be able to describe uses of some simple uses of those components of that API without a computer or reference materials
  • ·         Must have created at least one sub-theme or theme and be able to describe the process
  • ·         Build, test, deploy and maintains front-end code for web pages and applications in Drupal 6.x and 7.x using PHP, HTML5, CSS3, javascript and jQuery
  • ·         Work with MySQL databases managed on the Acquia platform
  • ·         Give accurate estimates for completing development or administrative tasks
  • ·         Participate in project planning and estimating
  • ·         Works tightly with other members of the team



  • ·         3+ years of professional experience in web development or a related field.
  • ·         2+ years of professional experience in web development or a related field using PHP
  • ·         2+ years of professional experience or equivalent training with Drupal

Related Skills & Other Requirements:

  • ·         Fluent knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • ·         Fluent knowledge of PHP
  • ·         Fluent knowledge of the Drupal API version 6.x and 7.x
  • ·         Experience using Javascript and jQuery with Drupal
  • ·         Knowledge of WCAG or 508c website accessibility standards


  • ·         Has built own unique Drupal modules from scratch
  • ·         Has built responsive or mobile websites using Drupal
  • ·         Has worked with the Acquia enterprise hosting platform
  • ·         Is an active member of the Drupal community
  • ·         Knows what the term "technical debt" is and views it negatively

Additional Information

We are committed to excellence, and we are passionate about technology. We have high standards for our people and, in turn, we offer a work environment that fosters the same.

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