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SmartRecruiters Support

SmartRecruiters offers multiple channels of support for your needs. Our Help Center provides detailed information about our social recruiting platform. Our customer community gets you answers on the fly. And our Enterprise Membership Program saves you money on recruiting services, as well as gives you access to priority support.

Learn about Features

To learn more about specific features and capabilities in your account, visit our Help Center on our website or from inside your SmartRecruiters account. View topics on recommended practices for creating and posting jobs and managing candidates at each step in your hiring process.

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Get Feedback

Visit our customer community on Get Satisfaction to ask a question or report an issue. You can also link to the community from the Feedback button on all pages in your SmartRecruiters account. Our customers and employees will respond to your question or issue, and you can also view and comment on similar questions and issues posted in the community.

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Become a Member

Join our Enterprise Membership Program to get exclusive discounts and promotions, dedicated phone and email support, product training and previews, and a world class service level agreement. Membership fees are based on the number of employees in your company, and benefits are available to all employees. Contact to learn more.