SmartRecruiters Product Tutorials

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Common CRM uses cases, community roles, adding prospects, filtering, searching, and more!

Events & Lead Capture

Common event types, field recruiting app, lead capture form options, screening questions


Drip campaigns, connected searches, entry/exit rules, scheduling, A/B messaging, campaign stats

Search & Discovery

AI discovery, keywords, weighting, queries, filter facets, saved searches

Job Creation & Management

Using job templates, embedding videos, job boards, defining hiring teams, approvals


Sourcing strategies, marketplace job boards, SmartDistribute, source tracking, customer source URLs, posting automation, SmartJobs


Importance of referrals, requesting & prioritizing referrals, tracking, reporting

Internal Mobility

Importance of internal mobility, posting a job, saved search & filter, internal talent communities, and more!

Candidate Experience

Map & video features, apply options, resume parsing, screening questions, consent & data retention, EEO/OFCCP, SmartProfile

Career Sites

Career site builder, search functionality, APIs, chatbots, customer examples


Instantly reach candidates where ever they are with SMS & WhatsApp texting and manage all communications in one central inbox.

Remote Jobs

Attract & hire the fastest growing source of talent in today’s climate, where ever they are.

Job Alerts

Allow candidates to create job alerts, search by keywords, & filter results.

SmartMessage Interview Reminder

Help candidates come prepared to interviews with reminders through SmartMessage.

Employee Portal

Allow employees to discover & apply to new jobs, track applications, and make referrals.

Job Advertising Console

Bookmark your go-to job boards, automate advertising process with SmartJobs, & leverage search functionality.

Interview Scheduling with SmartMessage

Send calendar invites via SMS/WhatsApp.

Candidate Management & Screening

Screening questions, automatic rejections, filtering, AI screening, marketplace vendors, moving candidates, and more!

SmartAssistant (AI)

Overview, seat allocation, candidate recommendations, match score recommendations & feedback, filter & sort, and more!

Interview Management

Interview workflow, resources, scheduling, applicant portal, interview types, and more!

Offer Management

Templates, offer fields, approval workflows, submission, e-signature, and more!

Tasks and Workflows

Stay on top of your recruiting to-dos with a tasks dashboard & foolproof your team’s responsibilities by automating workflows.

Talent Discovery

Enhance SmartAssistant by segmenting candidates by category at a glance.

Email Templates

Templates, email types (e.g., generic, interview, offer, rejection), org fields, formatting, multimedia, merge fields

Global Compliance

Overview of compliance, compliance settings, compliance in action, compliance in the candidate portal

Reporting & Analytics

In product dashboards, parameters, filters, scheduling & sharing, report viewer, Tableau, reporting API

APIs & Integrations

Learn more about the APIs at your disposal and how you can test them in your own system

Forms, Fields, SQs & the Hiring Process

Offer forms, detailed fields, screening questions & hiring processes, configurations, job fields & dependencies, and more!

Assessment Workflows & Configuration

Assessment, vendor contracts, workflow changes, assessment results, adding vendors

Permissions & Access Groups

Custom roles, access groups, user deletion, local admin, standard roles, hiring team roles by access group

Consent Management

Stay organized with compliance by managing separate consent for SmartCRM & SmartMessage.

Custom Forms

Set up custom forms for applications & add to email templates.

Clause Management

Expand offer letter flexibility with clauses.

SmartMessage Reports

View usage data on SmartMessage to access benefits of assessing usage patterns.

Source to Hire Dashboards

Suite of on-demand dashboards complete with analytics, intuitive charts, robust filters and drill downs. Improve your recruiting efficiency and see more insights into positions filled.

Task Tracking

Manage tasks with further insights into task ownership.

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