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Glashaus Berlin
Eichenstrasse 4
12435 Berlin, Germany


Hotel name Distance to venue Price estimate
Michelberger Hotel 1,5 km >140€
nhow 1,5 km >200€
Vier Jahreszeiten 2,2 km >250€
Almodovar Bio-Hotel 2,8 km >300€
Estrel 3,3 km >250€
Select Hotel Berlin Ostbahnhof 2,9 km >400€

Venue Description:

Glashaus is one of Berlin’s most beautiful historical event locations. The waterfront of the industrial hall is covered with old cartridge windows, putting the room in an extraordinary mood during twilight.

Glashaus, facing the canal Flutgraben and the river Spree, offers a classy setting for gala events, product presentations, readings, private events, congresses, concerts in an intimate atmosphere.

During the GDR the Berlin Wall divided the building, which is still visible today due to several historical fragments on the property.