Kitchen Supervisor

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Full-time

Job Description

Kitchen Supervisors assist in managing, coaching and organizing the back of house team. Helping ensure consistency and quality in our recipes and dishes, Kitchen Supervisors are liaisons between the Kitchen Manager and the rest of the team. They were likely once rock-­‐star Food Artists, Kitchen Helpers or Food Prep staff that made a name for themselves within our organization.


Kitchen Managers possess a genuine passion for upholding the quality and consistency of our food and are comfortable leading teams. They help maintain a cool, calm and collected back of house staff.



  • Team oriented (appreciates when the team as a whole succeeds)
  • Neat and tidy personal appearance + hygiene
  • Attentiveness to the details
  • Dependable + energetic
  • Takes pride in a clean, neat + organized workspace
  • Ability to clearly articulate ideas, justify opinions, and make a logical case for any meaningful project you are working on
  • Willingness to teach others and to provide positive leadership
  • Possess a positive attitude, a hunger and eagerness to learn and develop
  • Demonstrate motivation to learn and develop on a daily basis
  • Able to lift minimum 25 kg’s
  • Restaurant experience required

Additional Information

Hours: Monday - Friday

Don’t Forget The Perks!

  • Competitive Salary Package including an opportunity for bonus
  • Staff Meal Discount
  • Free coffee + tea