Software Quality Control Engineer - Relocation to Panama City, FL

  • Raleigh, NC
  • Full-time

Company Description

iSirona, based in Panama City Florida, boasts a new state of the art high tech corporate office and is among the fastest  growing Healthcare Information Technology organizations in the United States.  iSirona provides solutions to hospitals and ambulatory clinics for medical device data strategy.   The focus is on developing advanced technology that supports enhancements to workflow for clinicians and care providers.  Currently, iSirona is 120 plus clients strong and adding on an almost weekly basis. 

Job Description

Contribute to the full life cycle of software products in a fast growing software firm providing Medical Device Integration solutions into the healthcare industry.  Primary emphasis is on the Validation and Continuous Improvement Life Cycle Phases of iSirona products.  Required to be a US citizen or Green Card, and must be willing to work out of our Panama City, FL office.


There are multiple products that will be Validated they are complex, enterprise, distributable system that executes on different OS platforms and interfaces with different end points such as Medical Devices, Integration Engines, and EMR Systems.  This software provides customizable use of filtering, threading, writing of Java modules, stackable service requests, and more.




This is an Individual Contributor position that will report to the Software Quality Control Manager.  This candidate must be willing to work out of our corporate offices in Panama City, Florida and be able to infrequently travel to client locations.  Good communication skills are required for team collaboration, testing scenario feedback, and time management.  There are two focal areas of responsibility.


Technical knowledge and experience

1. General wide breadth of knowledge of the different Microsoft operating systems and their functionality.

2. Candidate will be responsible for managing multiple client/server environments and must be familiar with Window

  • MS SQL Knowledge
  • Installing and managing a database
  • Experience with Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio
  • Understanding of the logical breakdown of permissions throughout a large scale, secure login     system with customizable permission levels


Knowledge of quality control procedures

1. Create easily repeatable, clear test cases based on high and/or low level functionality descriptions

2. Trouble shooting skills and exploratory attitude to get the job done despite vicissitude and unforeseen hurdles

3. Verification activities will include ensuring consistency, completeness, and correctness of documentation generated during the Development Life Cycle Phase of the Software Development process

4. Validation includes applying all afore mentioned activities to functional product features such as the following:

  • Database io throughput
  • Queuing throughput
  • Network load capability
  • Determining number of PC’s required
  • Minimum hardware/software requirements for various configurations


Required Experience

  • Adequate discipline and professionalism to work diligently within published FDA device regulatory guidelines and rigorously follow internal Standard Operating Procedures, including exhaustive documentation of the testing procedures carried out for all software produced.
  • Experience or education writing Java applications.
  • Exposure with XML and HTML markup formats.
  • General knowledge of databases and SQL.
  • Basic understanding of web based technologies.
  • A strong attention to detail and a passion for excellence is critical.
  • Excellent written and English verbal communication skills are necessary. 


Preferred Experience

  • Exposure to healthcare information technology.
  • Working within a full SCRUM Life Cycle software development environment that executed a quality system.
  • Broad knowledge of technology is desired including some knowledge of programming languages, multiple operating systems, networking, internet and client/server architectures, communications, database, Web architecture design, database, system design, development tools and languages.
  • Conceptual understanding of Windows services, socket connections, and program threading.



  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or related discipline or equivalent work experience and technical training.