One team

Product manager, designer and engineers meet to understand the problem, the timeline or other goals. Even if it's a small project, a quick meeting is always great to ensure everyone is on the same page. Interviews Public API or Marketplace control

The whole team has access to documentation explaining the why and the details of the project. This includes the Discovery deck, which should be a join effort of all triad members. Email Campaigns Spec

Prototyping with sketches and lo-fi versions that will be iterated upon to create a hi-fi clickable flow. These prototypes will be shared across the whole triad and also tested with several users. Permissions Prototype

Problems over features

Projects are heavily informed by user feedback from both external and internal teams. Conduct design sessions based off the painpoints and workflows indentified. Offer Management

Ensure that the project will follow a scalable technical approach for future iterations. Campaigns Technical Spike

Decisions are made based off the user feedback, technical approach, and business value of a particular workflow.

Communication boost

Establish the most suitable cadence to check-in with the whole team.

Identify possible dependencies and invite all parties to a table at the early stage of the project. Custom Hiring Team Roles

Use Jira to manage the project progress. Write discussions outcomes and changes in the comments so updates can be tracked.

Data driven decisions

Look to data at the start of a project for both context and to inform your success metrics. This includes both pulling data from our system and conducting user tests. Job Filters

Whenever possible, have a beta or early access program to gather feedback and iterate quickly. Report Builder Early Access

Define success and failure for the project. Make sure you have everything set up during developemt in order to collect this data. Report Builder KPIs

Pride and excellence

Prepare user experiences that are polished, accessibile, inclusive, localized, responsive, and ethical.

If a change is made, it is always better documented and it is up to each team to do it collectively. Share final changes with customer facing teams to align on our product communication. Report Builder One-pager

Whether small or large, a retrospective should take place to celebrate wins and identify improvements. CRM/Everest Restrospective