Senior Logic Designer (ARMv8-A architecture)

  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

The VISC™ architecture is based on the concept of “virtual cores” and “virtual hardware threads.” This new approach enables dynamic allocation and sharing of resources across cores.

Our Engineering Team has accomplished a breakthrough in CPU performance and power.


  • Benchmarks show that VISC handily outperformed an ARM Cortex-15 in every category - often by more than 2x or 3x.
  • Benchmarks show that two-core VISC can deliver the same performance as A15 while using just one-third the power. Conversely, a four-core VISC can crank out the roughly double the performance at the same power level

This is a very exciting time for Soft Machines as we are turn our innovative technology into high volume computing products!

Job Description

 As a senior member (or technical lead) of the team developing a cutting edge micro-processor, you will be at the front end of this new product development cycle and your inputs will include micro-architecture specification and logic design for a high-performance, low-power CPU core.

  • As RTL Engineer you will own development, assessment and refinement of RTL design to target power, performance, area and timing goals.
  • Validation - Support testbench development and simulation for functional and performance verification. Performance exploration and correlation
  • Explore high performance strategies and validate that the RTL design meets targeted performance.
  • Work with design team members across disciplines (Logic, Circuits, PD, DFT) to implement and validate physical design on the aspects of timing, area, reliability, testability and power.


This role calls for 10+ years of CPU  RTL  design experience.

Thorough knowledge of microprocessor architecture (ARM|x86|SPARC|MIPS) lead a cluster in one of many areas!

Coherency, Cache (Data, Instruction Cache, L2, L3)


Memory Management Unit (MMU)) & Memory subsystems

Additional Information

What our top engineers say about their day-to-day role:

  • “ larger range of responsibilities, instead of being siloed into a particular role”
  • “easier to push own ideas and make decisions without having to convince a large number of people used to doing things a particular way”
  • “fewer useless meetings to give status updates to multiple non-technical product managers”
  • “everybody seems to be doing technical work as opposed to schedule tracking and information gathering”


How is this different from your last company?

  • “I have the ability to convince people of new technical ideas, there is less bureaucracy and the technical competence of  managers/senior staff actually understand what I am talking about”
  • “I feel my current role expands my skillset and I like the opportunity for small start-up payout”


How do you value your manager?

  • “Manager was very accommodating in letting me come up to speed”
  • “Manager knows that it benefits the team if work is divided up evenly and not to overload any one person”
  • “Manager is technically competent so doesn't need hours of detailed explanation”

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