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Get to know the industry’s first and only native AI-powered recruiting service – Your Intelligent Sidekick for Finding Great Talent.

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Better Hires. Zero Guesswork.

Hiring Teams can finally focus their time where it matters most – with people, not process. Harnessing the power of A.I., Recruiting Assistant promotes a more efficient and more human way of hiring. Now, you can easily connect with top talent wherever they are and without ever spending a dime on sourcing or advertising. Recruiting Assistant boosts hiring efforts so you reach top talent, first.


Better Recruiting Decisions, Backed by Data Science.

Improve the selection process by minimizing bias and subjectivity during candidate screens and get intelligent candidate recommendations powered by machine learning and backed by data science for better recruiting decisions.


Boost Internal Mobility with Greater Candidate Reach

Enhance your sourcing efforts and extend candidate reach without blowing the recruiting budget. Now, you can locate and discover the best candidates matches – wherever they are – inside and outside your organization.


Improved Efficiency for Bigger Impact

Eliminate the grunt work and free up hours for your hiring team to spend time where it has the most impact – with candidates. Save time while simultaneously improving the candidate experience through effortless engagement powered by automation.

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