Core Recruiting Power

Future-proof your hiring process with core recruiting functionality that delivers value over the long-term, including unified information architecture, built-in collaboration tools, and improved productivity through machine-learning.

Unified Candidate Data

Get a holistic view of your candidate’s journey in a single record, featuring up-to-date application status and complete visibility across all active jobs and talent communities.

  • Eliminate duplicative candidate records automatically
  • Access all of a candidate’s application history in one place
  • Get candidate updates in real-time simplifying compliance
candidate database

Power Collaboration

Drive productivity and hiring team engagement through a centrally-managed notification center, integrated across all desktop and mobile devices for maximum reach.

  • Streamline communication via integrated messaging feeds
  • Surface updates, insights, and conversations in one place
  • Keep everyone on the same page with push reminders
hiring manager notifications

Platform Agility

Adapt to changes instantly with SmartRecruiters’ microservices-enabled architecture that permits fault isolation and deploys quick fixes to your environment without interrupting your day.

  • Deploy a unified, fault-tolerant hiring suite from modular components
  • Ensure state-of-the-art resilience and scalability during peak use
  • Enjoy plug-and-play innovation leveraging broad API availability
configurable hiring suite
“It has allowed us to integrate to our HCM system; previously we had to manually add jobs to both systems.” Eric Young
IT Product Manager, HR Systems
Eric Young - Hiring Hero
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