Global Recruiting Powered by Local Control

Experience the flexibility of recruiting software that accommodates your global markets at the local level with adjustable user permissions, multi-language support, and international compliance configurability.

Secure Access Worldwide

Grant global hiring teams the access they need, while staying compliant and keeping data secure, with customizable user permissions, conveniently managed via Admin controls.

  • Easily adjust permissions, assign users-types, and configure access, globally and locally
  • Configure custom permissions to securely accommodate reporting structures
  • Create user access groups for better collaboration around jobs and candidates
recruiting global compliance | GDPR

Personalize the Hiring Process

Align the SmartRecruiters platform in the way you do business and personalize your recruiting workflows with customizable values and fields relevant to your global operations

  • Manage multiple brands, product portfolios, offices and geographies from one platform
  • Create user-defined job and candidate fields in accordance with local hiring processes
  • Tailor and track customized candidate sources for regional events or local campaigns
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Multilingual User Experience

Support global hiring with deep candidate-facing localization and multi-language support for all end user experiences.

  • Offer a global candidate experience in more than 30 languages
  • Support geographically-dispersed hiring teams with 12 end-user languages
  • Ensure a localized hiring experience, whether desktop or mobile
multilingual recruiting platform
“For the first time in the history of Equinox, we have a centralized digital record of every application to every position, affording a talent pipeline and insight into the recruiting process we could never have imagined.” Yannick Riveti
Director, Recruiting
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