Safe, trusted, and secure.

Built on a modern, cloud-platform and backed by enterprise-grade security, SmartRecruiters provides intelligent recruiting software your IT team will love.

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Platform Peace of Mind

Experience modern recruiting software built on highly-scalable and secure cloud architecture, complete with fast, reliable service delivery and 99.9% uptime with benefits that include:

  • Enjoy the highest levels of data security, with full global hosting support
  • Access RESTful API endpoints for enhanced user experience and seamless integrations
  • Get the latest recruiting innovation seamlessly delivered to users without any downtime

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Recruiting Software that Grows with You

SmartRecruiters helps you easily adapt to business changes with built-in platform flexibility and agility to scale on-demand.

  • Stay compliant with adjustable permissions, retention periods, and full global compliance
  • Enjoy greater autonomy with multi-level, self-service configuration that scales
  • Offer a multilingual experience with deep locationzation support for users and candidates

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No Maintenance. No Downtime. No Worries.

Minimize disruptions with a fault-tolerant Microservices-enabled platform that quickly deploys IT fixes to your environment without service interruption.

  • Count on state-of-the-art performance, scalability, and reliability during peak use
  • Delight in secure backups, seamless upgrades, and no customer-required maintenance
  • Keep operations running smoothly with a stable and resilient system architecture

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