Mobile Hiring App

Manage your hiring on the go.

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Everything you need in one convenient mobile recruiting app to manage your hiring while leading your busy life. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. We promise.

View Candidates

Easily swipe through your candidates while standing in line for coffee or between meetings. View name, title, resume, cover letter and all relevant candidate information to evaluate quickly. Tap once on the candidate profile to email or call the candidate. Mobile recruiting doesn’t get much easier than that.

mobile recruiting

Message Candidates

Message candidates directly from the mobile recruiting app. From the candidate profile, email candidates on your phone, ensuring you can keep in touch while on the go.

mobile hiring | mobile recruiting app

Give Feedback

Rate candidates and type feedback after your interviews in the mobile app, even while walking back to your desk. @Mention members of your hiring team or see what feedback others have given the candidate. You can even use voice recognition to record your feedback. How easy is that?

mobile recruiting platform | recruiting app

Approve New Jobs & Offers

Waste no time – conveniently view and approve new jobs and offers directly from the mobile recruiting app.

mobile hire
Enhance Candidate Experience Hiring Manager Engagement Increase Recruiter Productivity
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