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Your process, your insights, your partners. Your way.

We’re not here to tell you how to run your process. You decide. That’s why the SmartRecruiters TA Platform is open and configurable, so it works the way you need it to. Get the insights you need to optimize your process, ensure compliance, integrate with your favorite vendors and customize the platform so it works best for your company, team and organization.

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Get the Metrics that Matter

Leverage powerful operational and sourcing analytics to track & improve your key metrics across the talent relationship funnel. Use the reporting API to easily consume all your data in your BI tool of choice.

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Recruiting Metrics | Recruitment Metrics | Recruitment Analytics

Bring Your Favorite Partners Into the System

All your favorite 3rd party recruiting vendors and services are in one place in the Marketplace. Bring your suppliers and spend into one platform to stop the madness, improve performance and reduce costs.

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Hiring Marketplace | Vendor Integration

Don’t Sweat Third Party Integrations

Deploy seamless and far less costly integrations with your up-stream and down-stream systems via open, RESTful APIs. Leverage pre-built integrations to Workday, Oracle, SAP and other HRIS systems.

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Vendor Integration | Open API | RESTful API

Customize Your Process

Enjoy enterprise-level configuration capability with an intuitive interface. Customize your hiring process to reflect your company’s unique workflows. Easily configure flows using drag-and-drop tools.

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Custom Hiring Process

Control Approvals and User Access

Improve the security of your processes. Manage the access level of each user and approval workflows for your essential hiring steps on a secure & reliable platform.

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Hiring Roles and Rights

Ensure Your Process is Compliant

Ensure your hiring process is compliant. Choose from a library of EEO & OFCCP compliant screening questions and monitor with compliance reporting. Leverage candidate flow reporting for easy confirms.

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Hiring Compliance
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