Recruiting Analytics

Get insights from actionable reports to dramatically improve your hiring process.

Leverage the power of the industry’s deepest analytics capability to track and improve your key recruiting metrics.

Sourcing Analytics

Understand which strategies work and optimize your sourcing efforts with real-time insights into candidate sources. Manage your entire process or drill down to a specific job to get detailed reports on your cost-per-hire.

Recruiting Metrics - Best Job Boards

Pipeline Analytics

Be proactive and act on hiring process bottlenecks before they become problems. Get an interactive report of your candidate pipeline now and in the past, from sourcing to hire. See how much time candidates are spending in each stage, along with conversion rates, and benchmark those metrics against previous months.

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Recruiting Metrics - Candidates in your ATS

Hiring Plan Analytics

Get insights to actively manage your hiring plan goals. Access real-time reports to track hiring progress against goals, and drill into time-to-hire and time-to-start metrics to better understand opportunities for improvement across all your company’s departments and locations.

Hiring Plan Analytics

Embedded Insights

Get insights exactly where you make decisions. While browsing a specific job, see at-a-glance recruiting metrics about that job, including candidate pipeline, spend and sourcing performance.

Hiring Metrics in your ATS

Reporting APIs

Seamlessly connect SmartRecruiters with your BI tool of choice through robust reporting RESTful APIs. Analyze candidate and job status history, as well as core platform objects like jobs, candidates, users and offers.

Enhance Candidate Experience Hiring Manager Engagement Increase Recruiter Productivity
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