Globally Compliant Recruiting

Align your recruiting with national and international regulations while ensuring data privacy and local compliance everywhere your business operates. SmartRecruiters offers enterprise-grade functionality designed with global compliance & diversity in mind, allowing your organization to focus on hiring the best talent while ensuring safe & secure data processing and unbiased hiring practices.

Safeguard Candidate Data

Handle candidate data responsibly, regardless of location, for every job you create. SmartRecruiters’ compliance support allows you to narrow in on country-level data retention rules and region-specific legislation details, like the CCPA, to ensure your organization meets all local & international data privacy requirements.

recruitment data privacy

Build Compliance Reports

Create custom EEO, OFCCP, and Diversity reports with secure and confidential demographic data to evaluate compliance standards in your hiring processes. SmartRecruiters’ native report builder allows you to confidently meet audit requirements with detailed compliance reports on applicant flow, user details, and hiring activity on demand.

recruitment compliance reporting

Ensure GDPR Data Compliance

Easily collect, manage, and request consent from candidates to maintain accurate and compliant data within your hiring process. SmartRecruiters’ GDPR Settings option avoids illegal data retention with automatic data purging, and can also be configured with additional country-specific privacy policies and data retention periods.

GDPR compliance

Promote Diversity

Reach a broader talent base while reducing bias at every stage of the recruiting process to meet your company’s D&I initiatives. Market open roles through diversity-focused job boards and OFCCP partners. Capture demographic data confidentially and compliantly to improve metrics while driving objectivity in the selection process through SmartRecruiters’ configurable scoring and ranking tools.

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