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Why SmartPal?

SmartPal is the industry’s most advanced conversational AI. Available 24×7 in multiple languages and across all messaging platforms, SmartPal funnels candidates into the right discovery paths and saves recruiters from repetitive tasks.

Chat Here. There.

Automate FAQs for candidates and personalize job search experiences, globally.

Candidate Chat

Point. Without
Lifting a Finger.

Funnel candidates through the application process while qualifying, screening, and prioritizing their candidacy.

Screen Candidates

Openly coordinate. Behind
Closed Calendars.

Connect the recruiter’s calendar and automatically coordinate availability & schedule interviews, at scale.

Schedule Candidates

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Thank you for your interest in the SmartRecruiters platform. Although many agencies find our software beneficial, it isn't what we do best. If you are hungry to try out our technology and are hiring for < 10 roles at any given time, feel free to try SmartStart today! SmartStart is a FREE version of SmartRecruiters and is designed specifically for teams and small organizations.

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Thank you for your interest in SmartRecruiters. For organizations of your size, we recommend our free version of the platform called SmartStart. This version was built for teams and smaller organizations that typically have fewer than 10 jobs posted at a given time. After you try it out, you can always upgrade at a later point should you find that you need more functionality.


What is SmartPal & how does it work?

SmartPal’s global recruiting chatbots answer FAQs, engage talent, and schedule interviews in 7+ languages 24×7. Now your team can focus on converting quality candidates at scale.

What are the key features available with SmartPal?

Some of our key product features include:

  • Automated FAQs
  • 24×7 availability
  • Multiple languages
  • All messaging platforms
  • Text to apply via SMS
  • Interview scheduling
  • And more!

Does SmartPal support text to apply?

Yes, SmartPal supports text to apply.

Does SmartPal support QR code scanning?

Yes, SmartPal supports QR code scanning.

Which languages does SmartPal support?

SmartPal is available in English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. Additional languages can be added on request.

Where can the chatbot be placed?

SmartPal’s chatbots can be placed on your career website, social messaging platforms (ie. SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat), and across the application process.

How much does SmartPal cost?

SmartPal’s pricing can vary depending on two factors.

1. Chatbot management fee.
2. Chatbot features & languages packages.

Where is SmartPal available?

SmartPal is available to all SmartRecruiters customers who are looking to discover & engage candidates at scale.

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