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Fall 2016 Release

New Feature Highlights for Fall 2016

We are excited to announce the SmartRecruiters Fall 2016 release, which extends our lead in recruitment marketing. This release delivers never-before-seen capabilities to the talent acquisition space:

  • A mobile field recruiting application that is seamlessly integrated into an applicant tracking platform.
  • The extension of digital recruitment marketing into field environments using the power of mobile devices.
  • More granular reporting than ever for candidate quality, candidate quantity, and ROI – across individual events, campaigns, and job boards.

The two main new blocks of functionality that enable this are SmartRecruiters’ Field Recruiting App and Enterprise Sourcing Analytics.

Field Recruiting App

For the first time, extend your recruiters and hiring managers’ reach into campus recruiting, job fairs and retail stores with the powerful Field Recruiting App.

  • Represent your brand beautifully with the ability to add custom logos, pictures and colors.
  • Delight candidates with a sleek, modern application process on mobile devices.
  • Quickly collect resumes with automatic resume parsing, save time and eliminate errors from manual data entry.
Field Recruiting Screen

Enterprise Sourcing Analytics

Make even better data-driven decisions with industry-leading sourcing spend and effectiveness analytics.

  • Measure the impact of individual events, career pages, and campaigns from application to hire.
  • Understand which sources perform the best in terms of candidate quality and quantity.
  • Access your sourcing data at an even more granular level to ensure your time and money are spent effectively.
Sourcing Analytics Screen

Delightful Enhancements

Career Pages & Job Widgets as Sources

Designate your career pages and job widgets as sources to create more robust targeted candidate tracking.

Yes / No Screening Question

Create custom screening questions with a yes/no answer in addition to free-text answers.

Interview Rescheduling Tracker

Track interview rescheduling process. A new note is created on the candidate activity feed for each rescheduled interview.

Choose Calendar for Scheduling

Specify which calendar you prefer to use when scheduling interviews.

Auto-Save Interview Drafts

Automatically save interview drafts as the user schedules to avoid data loss.

Reorder Job Field Values

Use drag and drop to reorder job fields values into a desired order.

Analytics API Enhancements

Get API data about candidate location and candidates’ phone number.

Analytics API CSV Reports

Download data available via Analytics API in-product without having to use technical resources.

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