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Spring 2017 Release

New Feature Highlights for Spring 2017

True success is built on great teams, not luck or timing or even charisma. Finding and hiring those great teams isn’t easy. It requires attracting the best candidates, effective hiring decisions, and recruiters who are empowered to work relationship magic.

Our Spring 2017 Release helps you build that team by giving you powerful tools to increase the impact of two key groups – recruiters and hiring managers. These tools increase their ability to help you hire more qualified people, faster. You’re going to love what these features do for you, your team and your company!


Highlights of this release include:

  • Tools to increase authenticity and reduce group-think when providing feedback on candidates
  • Flexibility to support global teams working across a larger number of languages
  • Streamlined steps to schedule interviews and manage multiple corporate contracts

Power Recruiter Productivity

  • New Backend Languages – Make it easy for recruiters to work in their native language while configuring SmartRecruiters to their local needs
  • Multi-Contract Support for LinkedIn Recruiter – Decrease the amount of administrative work for those with complex commercial relationships with LinkedIn
  • Internal Job Widget – Brand your internal apply experience with on demand job widgets that can be displayed on corporate intranet pages or career portals

Boost Hiring Team Efficiency

  • Independent Feedback – Increase the quality of feedback from the interview team by hiding the opinions of others until after a review has been submitted
  • Mobile Interview Hub – Manage busy interview schedules and communications with candidates
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