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2018 Spring Release

Two New Products and a Host of New Features that Boost Efficiency and Enable GDPR-Compliance!

SmartRecruiters is pleased to introduce new, self-configurable product controls and enhancements designed to reduce the administrative burden on your hiring teams and improve the privacy, security, and accessibility of your recruiting data ahead of GDPR.

New Product Offerings from SmartRecruiters


Identify the Best Talent First with SmartAssistant

  • Prioritize pipelines with smart screening capabilities
  • Boost visibility of talent within your organization
  • Connect with more candidates effortlessly


Maximize your Recruiting Budget using SmartJobs

  • Take the guesswork out of job posting
  • Get job openings in front of the best candidates
  • Source higher-quality talent with ease
New Feature Updates

Global Configurability

Configure New Levels of System Access with Custom System Roles

  • Create up to five new user roles for organizational needs
  • Expand access to reporting and analytics for increased visibility
  • Define access to jobs and candidates with self-configurable controls

Experience Greater Flexibility with Enhanced Access Group Management

  • Expand Access Groups to include basic and custom user roles
  • Get more granular by specifying level of access within the group
  • Assign access groups via User Integration leveraging API endpoint

Translate Custom Content for Local Users with the Translation API

  • Support a global user base with localized custom job and org field values
  • Translate custom job or org fields’ values in multiple languages
  • Facilitate compliance for work centers needing full language capabilities

Power your Data Warehouse with Custom Reports via Reporting API

  • Access all custom and ad-hoc reports from Report Builder via the API
  • Extract large data sets on-demand and without system performance issues
  • Programmatically populate data warehouses or preferred BI tools


Facilitate GDPR-Compliant Use of Candidate Data with Consent Manager

  • Enable candidates to provide express consent for use of their data
  • Notify candidates where consent isn’t provided to compliantly rectify or revoke
  • Inform candidates how data is used, promoting data processing transparency

Allow Candidates More Control over Personal Data via Candidates Rights

  • Support compliance with GDPR “right to be forgotten” and “right to portability”
  • Enable candidates to withdraw a single application or delete all of their data
  • Facilitate data requests by allowing candidates to export their personal data

Hire Globally and Enjoy Full Russian Compliance

  • Satisfy the requirements of Russian Data Privacy Legislation
  • Maintain proper data hosting & processing from our Russia Data Center
  • Protect candidate privacy and promote compliant hiring of Russian citizens

Prepare to be delighted!

As part of our world-class user experience, SmartRecruiters regularly delivers small, but powerfully useful updates to our product at no additional charge to customers. These “Delightful Enhancements” enable you to enjoy a platform that is responsive to industry trends, relevant to recruiting needs, and incredibly easy to use, year over year.

Our Spring 2018 Delightful Enhancements include the following:

  • New Candidate Filters – Search By Status, Candidate Fields, or by Recruiter
  • User Management Filters – Configure and Search your User Base More Easily
  • Additional Data Points for Report Builder – Report on What Matters
  • Interview Scheduling – Select the Appropriate Interview Substage
  • Public API – New Candidate Status History Endpoint

View our Product Notes for more information on each of these features and enhancements,
or connect with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more!

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