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April 2019 Product Release


This high-impact release, with nearly 50 updates, is designed to improve overall user & platform experience.

SmartRecruiters is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries with features ranging from accessibility and GDPR to custom sourcing campaigns. At the same time, we know that UX is the core of what drives engagement on our platform. This quarter is one of many this year where users will see delightful UI overhauls that help them do more with SmartRecruiters.


Today’s candidates have exceedingly high expectations: they want information at their fingertips, a high-tech experience, and to be engaged through the media they consume every day. This release introduces convenient LinkedIn integrations, enhanced internal mobility search, and edit functionality for screening question responses.

  • APPLY WITH LINKEDIN 2.0 – Allow prospects to auto-fill job applications with their LinkedIn profile data, creating a seamless flow that’s as simple as clicking one button.
  • INTERNAL MOBILITY: JOB FILTERS – Easily search for open job opportunities by location, experience level, department, brands, internal or public jobs, and more, with multiple filters.
  • EDIT SCREENING QUESTION RESPONSES – Collect relevant & accurate answers to all screening questions by allowing candidates to edit their responses.
Product - Candidate Screening
Editable Screening Question Responses


The recruiting process should be as intuitive and efficient for hiring managers as it is for candidates and recruiters. Power users can spend less time on tedious processes and focus on hiring with the introduction of automated rejection flows and interviews API.

  • IMPROVED MOBILE REJECTION FLOW (2-TAP) – Optimize rejection workflows in as few as two taps, and save time when rejecting multiple candidates using pre-selected templates within the Hiring App.
  • INTERVIEWS API – Create, update, or cancel interviews programmatically, and integrate preferred scheduling solutions to drive candidate self-scheduling.
    *SmartRecruiters native self-scheduling functionality is on the 2019 roadmap.
Product - Improved Mobile Rejection
Mobile Rejection Flow


Recruiters need confidence in their organization’s HR tech, especially when sourcing and evaluating candidates. To that end, SmartRecruiters is releasing a number of updates to SmartCRM alongside other candidate management updates to improve your hiring team’s sourcing efforts.

    • LEAD CAPTURE FORMS (LCFs) – Source more effectively with flexible LCFs that can be customized to match your company brand style, edited and previewed before publishing, and enhanced with additional attachments like cover letters, portfolio items, short videos, and more, so you can gather more relevant information on prospects.
    • COMMUNITIES & CAMPAIGNS – Exercise greater control over talent communities with filters that quickly sort & organize prospects for targeted campaigns, which can be tailored for a more localized experience with newly supported language accent characters. Additionally, avoid tedious manual community updates thanks to campaign actions that trigger automatic updates to a prospect’s application status.
  • ATTACHMENT MANAGEMENT – Save time by viewing the most relevant & recent candidate attachments by application, date, and uploaded by.
Product - Lead Capture Forms
Lead Capture Form Management


The April 2019 release rolls out new updates to permissions and compliance settings so your business can scale globally and hire locally while complying with all regulatory requirements.

  • CUSTOM HIRING TEAMS: MORE PERMISSIONS – Exercise greater control over custom hiring team actions with new permissions that apply to job details, ads, screening questions, candidate feedback, and more.
  • SEPARATION OF CONSENTS – Define and advertise your company’s own privacy policy (i.e. not SmartRecruiters’) to prospects who apply for jobs, ensuring global compliance wherever you operate.
  • DATA RETENTION ON APPLICATION LEVEL – Choose to purge data on the application or profile level to comply with country-specific data retention rules.
Product - Hiring Team Permissions
Custom Hiring Team Roles Permissions

Even More Delights

Committed to ongoing innovation, SmartRecruiters regularly delivers useful updates to our product at no additional cost to our customers. These Delights & Enhancements aim to provide you with a platform that stays at the forefront of high performing talent acquisition needs.

Other April 2019 improvements include:

  • UI Design Updates – “Blue Steel” redesign of buttons, tips, tags, drop-down lists, containers, alters, date pickers, and more.
  • CV/Resume Attachments Changes – CVs/Resumes are no longer attached in interview email notifications; it is now a gated URL that requires login credentials to view.
  • More Report Builder Datapoints – Report on Time in Application Step & Position Status.
  • Data Retention: Candidate Re-Opt-In Removed
  • Mark Interviews as Private
  • Auto-Add Interviewers to Hiring Team
  • Additional Interview Reminders
  • Hyperlinks in Interview Location Field
  • Typeahead for Single-Select Candidate Fields
  • Parsed Emails Removed for Candidates
  • Restrict Access Group Visibility
  • Global Compliance: Option for 4-Month Data Retention Period
  • Custom Hiring Team Roles via Public API
  • Backward Update of User First & Last Names
  • New Candidate Resources in SmartAcademy

View our Product Notes for more information on each of these features and enhancements,
or connect with your dedicated Hiring Success Manager to learn more!

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