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July 2019 Product Release


This release optimizes administrative tasks so your hiring teams can deliver measurable results in a quicker, smarter way.

Modern businesses continually look to optimize processes for greater speed and efficiency. The latest release from SmartRecruiters focuses on task simplification for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates through interview self-scheduling, mobile actions center, and a more intuitive application flow, as well as expanded data visualization options for system administrators and recruiting analysts to make better business decisions faster.


Managing a well-stocked talent pipeline can be a time-consuming challenge unless you have the right tools to navigate it. As part of the July 2019 release, recruiters can shift focus from scheduling candidate interviews to sourcing great talent. SmartCRM now has deeper functionality when creating new campaign audiences, more customizable lead capture forms, and stronger community management features.

  • Interview Self-Scheduling – Share schedule availability with candidates, and allow them to choose their preferred time slots in real-time, reducing the stress and time spent on back-and-forth emails or rescheduling.
  • Boost Prospect Quality with SmartCRM Updates
    • CAMPAIGN AUDIENCES – Include prospects matching selected values (location, proximity, community application status, screening question answers) when creating a new campaign.
    • LEAD CAPTURE FORM (LCF) UPDATES – Configure auto-reply messages; default LCF language via country code picker.
    • FLEX YOUR COMMUNITIES – Easily search prospects via the embedded search bar and sort by name or modified date; one-click filtering of prospect list by each community stage.
Campaign Creation - Audience Breakdown
Campaign Creation and Audience Breakdown


Hiring Managers often need to conduct pulse checks on the status of open jobs or candidate profiles, and these tasks should be quick and painless. SmartRecruiters helps hiring managers remain agile with new auto-triggers within hiring workflows and high-level overviews from the mobile Hiring App home screen.

  • Auto-Trigger Assessments – Pair assessments with specific steps in the hiring process that automatically send to candidates when they are moved to that stage. This automation also works for groups of candidates moved in bulk.
  • Mobile Hiring App: Action Center – Quickly review your hiring funnel for active jobs and send nudge reminders to interviewers who have not completed outstanding reviews of interviewed candidates via the Hiring App home screen.
Mobile hiring Action Center
Mobile Hiring App Action Center


It’s no secret that a stellar candidate experience is key to happier applicants and higher conversion rates, which is why SmartRecruiters continues to modernize the look and feel of application submissions so that candidates enjoy a more intuitive process.

  • Brand new application experience — Offer applicants a refreshed application process that takes less time to complete with drag & drop resume parsing and built-in data validation.
Product - Lead Capture Forms
New Application UI Flow


Insights into how and where your hiring process can be optimized stem from accurate reporting. With our new reporting web connector, data migration between SmartRecruiters and Tableau happens automatically.

  • Tableau Web Data Connector – Sync your custom report templates with Tableau for seamless updates to the Tableau dashboards every time a new dataset is generated in Report Builder.
Tableau Data Connection
Tableau Data Connector

Even More Delights

Committed to ongoing innovation, SmartRecruiters regularly delivers useful updates to our product at no additional cost to our customers. These Delights & Enhancements aim to provide you with a platform that stays at the forefront of high performing talent acquisition needs.

Other July 2019 enhancements include:

  • Bi-Directional Calendar Sync – Maintain an accurate and up-to-date calendar even with last-minute interview changes originating from the calendaring system.
  • Job REF ID – Distinguish between multiple jobs with the same title with included REF IDs in emails and notifications.
  • Candidate Name in Publisher Emails
  • Hyperlinked URLs in Screening Questions
  • GDPR Retention Rules for Referrals
  • Consent in Job Alerts
  • Google Search Job Posting Improvements
  • Report Builder Enhancements
  • Assessments API Enhancements
  • New Candidate API Endpoints

View our Product Notes for more information on each of these features and enhancements,
or connect with your dedicated Hiring Success Manager to learn more!

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