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June 2016 Release

New Feature Highlights for June 2016

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Calendar Integration for Microsoft Exchange

Save time on interview scheduling. Check real-time availability of interviewers and meeting rooms, and book individual or panel interviews from SmartRecruiters. Interviewer responses sync from Microsoft Exchange Calendar into SmartRecruiters.

Offer Central

Manage the offer creation, editing and approval process in one place for a more complete, efficient experience. Populate offer details, select approvers, easily preview, save, and send offers in a streamlined flow.

Quick Offer Adjustments

Send offers faster. Change start dates, addresses and more without triggering re-approvals. Designate candidate fields like salary or equity that when adjusted, will require another approval.

CSV Export

Easily report on the data you need to drive toward your hiring goals in a CSV file. Filter and download data from Current Pipeline and Historical Pipeline reports in seconds.

Analytics API Enhancement

Analytics API endpoint for your hiring team data. View first name, last name and the role of each member on the hiring team, and link them to job IDs and job titles. Pair this with Tableau for easy, robust reporting.

Delightful Enhancements

Duplicate a Job Ad

Easily duplicate a job ad.

Unpublish Job Ads

With 2+ job ads published to the same job board, unpublish each job ad separately.

Source Tracking for Parsing APIs

Public API endpoint to specify source when creating candidates.

Multiple Job Ads API

Public API allows for managing and publishing multiple job ads to different job boards.

Preview Offer Drafts

Preview final versions of offers before sending for approval.

Save Offer Drafts

Save offers to work on them at a later date.

New Marketplace Partners


Assessment tool that uses games sourced directly from neuroscience research to assess candidates. In conjunction with big data and machine learning, these assessments help improve efficiency, retention and diversity.

Quantize Analytics

Predictive talent analytics helps companies make data-driven hiring decisions using machine learning algorithms. Reduce manual screening by automatically identifying applicants most likely to succeed.


An innovative video interviewing solution to optimize the screening process for recruiters and allow the candidates to emphasize their skills beyond the traditional CVs.

Take the Interview

On-demand video interviewing that is changing the way companies engage and interview talent. Screen and communicate with candidates using to give your recruiting team a holistic view of your candidates.

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