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May 2016 Release

New Feature Highlights for May 2016

Interviewers availability

Microsoft Office 365 Calendar Integration

Easily check real-time availability of interviewers and meeting rooms, and book multiple interview types (phone, in-person, etc.) from within SmartRecruiters. Interviewer responses and interview updates automatically sync from O365 into SmartRecruiters.

Open Notes

Easily share notes with your entire hiring team. Open Notes allow everyone with access to the candidate to view the content on the candidate feed.

Analytics API Improvements

Analytics API endpoint for your candidate application data. Get a complete picture of application status, candidate contact ino, source of application and more. Pair this with Tableau for easy, robust reporting.

Marketplace Partners

Click Boarding

A robust onboarding software that delivers better new hire engagement and improved internal efficiency by guiding new hires through targeted content right from the start.


Employee onboarding solution that helps organizations make HR administration easy while engaging new hires before day one to help them get up and running faster.

SocialReferral by Careerbuilder

Social referral tool that allows you to build an employee ambassador program with real recruitment value.

Delightful Enhancements

Filter by Source

Filter leads and candidates by source.

Boolean Search

Use AND, OR, NOT, and ( ) operators to create advanced search queries.

Email Comments to @-mentioned People

Get notified when someone comments on a post you where you were @-mentioned.

Job Fields as Offer Merge Fields

Use job fields as offer merge fields to streamline your offer process.

Edit Accepted Offers

After an offer is accepted, edit the offer data and resend if needed.

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