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Winter 2017 Release

New Feature Highlights for Winter 2017

Each local office in a global organization has different needs around compliance, data, and process. One recruiter’s data isn’t necessarily relevant to another recruiter’s data. With our Winter 2017 release, we make sure that only the processes and information that’s relevant to your recruiters will be front and center – helping you achieve hiring success in local markets while operating at a global scale. And as always, we continue to release tools to ensure your recruiters are more productive than ever.


Highlights of the release include:

  • Reflect your global organization inside the SmartRecruiters system so that local users are presented with the right processes and information for their hiring and compliance needs.
  • Full power to provide locally branded career site front-ends with SmartRecruiters’ branded applications API.
  • Powerful tools to help recruiters increase their productivity: an advanced scheduling wizard, internal and private job ads, and enhanced candidate filtering.

Global Company, Local Hiring

Companies can operate at global scale all while making it easier to stay compliant, productive and successful in each local talent market:

  • Map local recruitment processes to the global organization structure
  • Get full control of the candidate experience with your career site or job board as the central application point
  • Build libraries for local screening questions
  • Avoid overwhelming hiring teams by only showing locally relevant talent pools
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Recruiter Productivity

Unique and powerful new and enhanced capabilities designed to improve recruiter efficiency:

  • Schedule interviews in complex organizations with advanced scheduling wizard
  • Reward performance and promote internally with internal job ads
  • Manage sensitive situations with private job ads while still fully compliant
  • Find the right candidates in large pools with enhanced candidate filtering
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Delight Features Requested by our Customers

Custom Hiring Role

Customize a hiring role name within a hiring team.

Delete Notes

Delete any posted notes in product or via Messages API.

Currency List

Choose from 56 global currencies in job and candidate fields, and screening questions.

Post as Scheduler

Create, edit, and delete calendar events under the name of the user who makes changes.

Free Text Job Fields

Add job fields as a single-select, dropdown or free-text field.

Reorder Job Field Values

Simply drag and drop to reorder job field values.

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