The best alternative to Avature’s ATS

A review of Avature vs SmartRecruiters and why SmartRecruiters is the best alternative to Avature's ATS

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As voted by customers on G2, SmartRecruiters drives positive outcomes for businesses of all sizes

Enterprise Leader - Spring 2021 Most implementable - Spring 2021 Users Likely to recommend - Spring 2021 Easiest Setup for Small Business - Spring 2021

Why SmartRecruiters?

Looking for an alternative to Avature’s talent acquisition suite? With SmartRecruiters, you will benefit from the efficiencies of our comprehensive talent acquisition suite, designed for and utilized by enterprise & Fortune 500 companies around the globe, and supported by our industry-leading AI, ATS & Recruitment CRM products.

Self-Service Configuration

SmartRecruiters self service configurability allows for reduction in total cost of ownership as well as improved time to resolution on key back end modifications.

configuration interface

The Best ATS Integration for your HR Software

While many Applicant Tracking systems claim to have similar functionality, one of SmartRecruiters’ undeniable advantages comes from our ability to connect to any solution you need to build a robust recruitment tech stack.

Our productized connectors enable seamless & dynamic data syncs between SmartRecruiters and your core HR tools.

On top of that, our open API infrastructure and comprehensive marketplace of 700+ partners allow you to build the exact recruiting infrastructure you need.

Partner Marketplace logos

Ease of Platform Setup

Time to value when purchasing a new software is key to the success of the overall process. SmartRecruiters has separated itself from Avature down market due to the fact that there are far fewer customizations and complex configuration choices our customers will have to make. This allows for an easier deployment process across the board.

Platform setup interface screenshots

Companies that purchased SmartRecruiters saw...

Hiring Budget
Hiring Budget
+50% More Efficient Budget Allocation
Hiring Velocity
Hiring Velocity
+42% Of jobs filled on time
Candidate Experience
Candidate Experience
+45% Increase in application volume

SmartRecruiters is an Industry Leader

SmartRecruiters’ consistent recognition as a Strategic Leader highlights both the breadth and scope of its solution and partner ecosystem, as well as its strong customer momentum and advocacy.
While the talent acquisition suite has expanded far beyond the ATS, this system remains a critical core component of today’s most viable solutions – and SmartRecruiters’ out-of-the-box system is best in class. The system integrates easily with other third-party applications, its reporting and analytics are strong, and the platform can support small businesses and large enterprises.
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