chapter seven

The Future of Global Compliance

Suffice to say, the GDPR has implemented a complete overhaul of the former provisions of the now expired Data Protection Directive in an effort to provide appropriate protections for data subjects with respect to how organizations process, transfer, store, and protect the enormous amount of data available in this new digital world. Therefore, it is important that when your organization selects a product, tool, or software specific to your recruiting and hiring process, that your selection entails consideration of these new compliance obligations. Remember the old “Privacy by Design” rule mentioned above?

And while there is still some uncertainty and ambiguity as to how these provisions will be enforced and interpreted once this measure take full effect in May 2018, especially in light of recent political events like Brexit – referencing the UK’s departure from the European Union, data privacy considerations and conversations around the processing of personal data should not be delayed.

At SmartRecruiters, we believe hiring is success, which starts and ends with great people. And while committed to helping our customers propel their businesses forward by connecting them with great talent – we are also extremely sensitive to protecting the incredible amount of data that is generated from your hiring activities. As such, we hope this guide provides you some insights for taking a proactive approach to data privacy, specific to your recruitment data processing activities. And while this may seem incredibly overwhelming, here at SmartRecruiters, we are committed to helping our customers meet compliance objectives wherever their hiring activities take place.