360 Degree Feedback

Hiring Success Glossary

How do organizations and companies get to know their employees?

Managers and others in authority positions sometimes work with hundreds of subordinates and it is undoubtedly difficult for them to keep a one-on-one tab on everyone’s character and performance. Work teams can be made up of more than twenty people and this can sometimes prove to be overwhelming for any one person. As a result, most managers use a tool that human resources personnel like to employ called the 360 degree feedback.

360 feedbacks also known as multi source feedback is an appraisal system that gauges and measures the performance of an employee in a work environment. This feedback is part and parcel of the assessment of the individual. The people who take part in this assessment are generally the person’s colleagues and peers, subordinates, supervisors and sometimes customers. In total about ten people take part in assessing the individual. This immediate work circle of colleagues is better able to give a holistic view of their peer.

The results of the assessment are then taken and used by the individual under assessment. The person uses the results for self-evaluation and self-improvement purposes. The organization or company also has access to these results and may very well use them to work out bonus payments and promotions. What makes these assessments valuable is that there is no victimization because they are done anonymously. The candidate who is being evaluated will have no way of telling who said what, this also helps to protect the people filling in the form.

This 360 degree feedback is a proven tool that aids employees to work on their performance. It helps the evaluated employee to obtain a different view of how they are performing at work and how else they can improve.

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