Candidate Aptitude Test

Hiring Success Glossary

Candidate aptitude tests are a systematic approach to test the ability of candidates for the job.  These tests help assess whether the candidate can perform particular tasks and candidate’s reactions for diverse situations. The aptitude tests have standardized way for scoring and administration, with quantified results and can be compared with other aspirants.

Nowadays, a job vacancy attracts a large number of potential applicants. Pre-screening of these candidates will help to lessen the number of candidates and thus, selected one goes for the tough phase of screening.

The contents of candidate’s aptitude test and the manner in which they can be conducted should be very carefully considered. These tests are not only measured in terms of time and cost point, but it should also keep in mind the appropriateness of jobs offered.

Types of candidate aptitude tests include

Knowledge tests- These tests are planned for measuring the knowledge of candidates on a particular feature of a job. A test of knowledge is based upon specific topics, which are relevant to job aspects to make certain that candidates have required knowledge.

Skills Tests- Characteristically skill tests are simple tasks related to essential functioning of a job, like typing and keyboard speeds and data entries.

Personality tests- There are numerous personality examinations, but commonly performed screening tests involve these factors:

  • Extroversion,
  • Sincerity to experiences,
  • Conscientiousness,
  • Emotional strength, and
  • Agreeableness,

These tests are used for the position of sales and marketing, and it is evident that personality tests are used to get a feel about candidate’s performance.

Ability tests- Characteristically, ability tests are taken to evaluate mental and cognitive abilities. These ability tests are associated with performance level and sense of a presence of candidates regarding office scenarios. These tests are mainly done to check candidate’s ability to deal with some negative situations or how they deal with workplace situations.

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