Corporate Social Responsibility

Hiring Success Glossary

The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also referred to as corporate conscience or responsible business. The term signifies the social and environmental awareness that companies and organizations are expected to have and show in the way they do business on a day-to-day level.

The term also looks at how companies give back to society and communities and the projects they may be involved in that help to better the welfare of people and or the environment.

Companies and firms are expected and looked upon to help with making communities better. One of the goals of corporate citizenship is helping organizations to get involved with solving real grassroots level problems such as lack of housing and education in local communities. These companies are not always required to donate financially. Corporate social responsibility is not a box that companies can simply tick off if they have given and invested financially in social projects or environmental endeavors. It is about companies truly giving off of themselves whether it is their time and energy or their ideas and innovation to others. It is not uncommon to find teams within companies now, whose efforts are centered on corporate consciousness. Departments have been created within firms to cater to this important part of company functioning.

Corporate social responsibility can be in-house as well. When it is in-house this means the companies efforts are aimed at its own employees, seeking to improve their welfare whether it be providing better housing or sending employee children to school.

Corporate consciousness is now a global initiative that has become part and parcel of many companies and is seen as a good business practice that every company should engage in. It is a practice that has seen many companies and firms begin to engage more with their consumers.

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