What is a Hiring Manager?

Hiring Success Glossary

In the hiring process, the hiring manager is the individual who will ultimately be the direct manager of the new hire. In other words, the new hire will be reporting to the hiring manager once they’ve accepted the job offer and started their new employment.

The hiring manager often has the best insight into the requirements of the job, but may not have the recruitment expertise: that’s where the rest of the hiring team comes in. Ultimately, the hiring manager makes the final decision about the candidates, so supporting hiring managers through easy-to-use technologies and resources can help ensure quality of hire.

What Does a Hiring Manager Do?

The hiring manager is arguably the most critical role in the hiring process and is typically responsible for:

  • Identifying the staffing requirement for a replacement or new open position.
  • Obtaining approval from the department executive or head to open a job requisition for that requirement.
  • Writing an accurate and effective job description to attract the best candidates. This will also be used by the recruiter as a basis for initially assessing the skills and qualifications of applicants in the middle of their job search.
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for the hiring team as well as setting expectations for the interview process.
  • Acting as the primary interviewer during the job interview process. The Hiring Manager will often be the first interviewer once a job seeker has passed screening by the recruiter.
  • Marketing new job opportunities internally, within their department or even company wide; requesting employee referrals from peers and teams.
  • Owning the final hiring decision, pending executive approval, and effectively managing the hiring team throughout the recruiting process.
  • Notifying the recruiter if a position is to be withdrawn.

In addition to the hiring manager, other roles within the hiring team include: RecruiterInterview TeamRecruiting Coordinator, and Talent Sourcer.

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