Mobile Recruiting

Hiring Success Glossary

Mobile Recruiting is finding active and passive candidates through the use of mobile career pages, mobile job ads and mobile recruitment applications.

Benefits of mobile recruiting

Mobile recruiting offers two major advantages. First, it allows the recruiters and hirings teams to manage the process from anywhere a mobile device is available. This means interview scheduling, internal feedback, communication with the candidates, and more can be completed on-the-go, rather than being limited to the office. Second, it allows the hiring team to reach candidates where they are as more and more smart-phones are being used by job seekers to search for jobs.

Mobile recruiting apps

Mobile recruiting apps enable the use of recruiting software over mobile devices. Capabilities may include creating new job postings, viewing resumes and candidate profiles, messaging candidates directly from the app, providing feedback and @mentioning other hiring team members, approving new jobs and extending job offers. The most powerful apps allow end users to utilize the full functionality of the recruiting software via a user interface optimized for the mobile experience.

Mobile recruiting trends

Mobile recruiting is thriving, as job searches from mobile devices now exceed 1 billion per month. Close to 90 percent of job seekers now utilize a mobile device when looking for a new opportunity. It is a growing and dynamic industry aided by the smartphone boom.

Millennial are expected to comprise 75% of the work force within the coming 10 years. They also expect an employer’s site to be optimized for mobile and completely functional in case of apps. This is another reason Mobile recruiting is the technique of the future and companies are working full time at scaling up their websites and apps to provide a seamless experience to users.

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