Hiring Success Glossary

The onboarding is also known as organizational socialization. In this process, new employee are trained to enhance the skills, knowledge and behaviors, which brings the quality employee to the organization. It is the form of the orientation of the employees. Some of the people consider onboarding is something which is done only in the big organization. While, it is helpful for small and bigger organization also. This process will ensure that your employees are a productive and satisfied member of the staff.

 Elements of Onboarding

This process goes beyond the practical knowledge and makes employees face challenges with their ability. All the new employees are made to learn about social and technical aspect of the organization. They get a chance to establish effective relationship with co-workers, formal, informal power structures mastering job task, and understanding the culture of the organization.

The department of the Human Resources has the responsibility to execute the process of onboarding. This department is responsible to set all the process and the schedule to carry out onboarding. The best practice key for the formal orientation program and the written onboarding plans. In this process, every big and small thing matters to bring success to the organization.

Best practice of onboarding

  • Implementing basic priors on the first day of the job
  • Making first-day special on the job.
  • Engaging stakeholder meeting
  • Designing of formal orientation program
  • Monitoring the progress.
  • Onboarding plans should be created
  • Have a participative nature
  • Involving meeting of stakeholder

Some of the organization involves structured and systematic approach toward the new employee, while other organization makes use of sink or swim method.  In sink or swim approach, employee struggles to fulfill the expectation of the organization and what are the existing norms of the organization.


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