Hiring Success Glossary
The recruiter owns the end-to-end process of talent acquisition for a company. Some of the key responsibilities of the recruiter include:
  • Meeting with the hiring manager upon opening a new job requisition
  • Attracting and sourcing (recruitment marketing), pre-screening and presenting qualified job candidates to the hiring manager
  • Serving as the employee brand ambassador, while internally and externally soliciting employee referrals
  • Serving as the main point of contact for all parties throughout the collaborative hiring process
  • Conducting reference checks, background checks and the job offer management process
  • Delivering an exceptional candidate experience
  • Employee onboarding to ensuring the new hire is prepared for day 1
The recruiter is often relied on to keep the transactional steps of the talent acquisition process moving smoothly, but a successful recruiter also takes on a very tactical role - focusing on building relationships with candidates and hiring managers alike. In addition to the recruiter, other roles in hiring teams include:

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