Recruiting Analytics

Hiring Success Glossary

A well planned recruiting process can easily eliminate the cost of the recruitment process and at the same time, the organization will get the effective and efficient employee. The well-planned process will help you to focus on the right person for the available job. It is really important to know the needs and skills that an organization requires. The whole process of recruiting analytics is divided into several steps of planning and strategies. Following these strategies, the organization can save their time and efforts from the process.

  • Dividing the duties

Write the duties of the newly employed member. Make list of the members who are going to handle day-to-day duties. In case, you don’t have experience on the position that you are going to recruit then, you can take the help of supervisor of the particular department. The supervisor can tell you the requirements which are necessary.

  • Skills requirement

Find out the skills that will be required to complete the responsibilities of the job. These skills will help you to find out the correct candidate for the post and which can work as the asset for the organization.  You can also use these skills top select one if you find numbers of the suitable candidate for one post.  Don’t forget to mention the skills which are not needed for day to day task.

  • Designing job description

Do the job analysis based on the required skills, and job duties. Write descriptive job requirement for the job board, industry specific websites and in classified. Highlight positive aspects of the company, show attractive and beneficial packages for the candidate and include other marketing strategies, which makes candidate to apply. After designing attractive description and doing all the recruiting analytics, post it to the multiple job boards to get the best employee.


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