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What is a recruiter?

Recruiters identify, attract, interview, select, hire and onboard employees. In other words, it involves everything from the identification of a staffing need to filling it. Be sure to visit our Recruitment page for more information on the recruiting process.

What is a recruiting coordinator?

Like recruiters, hiring managers, and talent sourcing representatives, recruiting coordinators are an essential part of the hiring process. Recruiters focus their efforts on the actual interview process, recruitment coordinators, on the other hand, facilitate the movement of candidates through the recruitment process. Recruiting coordinator responsibilities entail everything from posting open positions to job boards, coordinate candidate travel, scheduling interviews across departments, handling last-minute scheduling changes, creating offer letters, conducting background checks, and smoothing over any other speed bumps in the hiring process. The job of a coordinator starts when candidates respond to a job opening and ends when the organization fills the position in question. In other words, recruiting coordinators work closely with recruiters, talent sourcing representatives and headhunters, to ensure the hiring process runs smoothly.

Recruiting Coordinator Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for Human Resource Specialists, the broad category in which Recruiting Coordinators fall, is just north of $60,000. The hourly wage for the position is just over $29/hour. At the top end of the pay scale, recruiting coordinators make as much as $100,000/year, or more. At the low end, coordinators can make less than $40,000/year.

Required Skills for Recruiting Coordinators

Excellent communication skills, in various forms, are the most important quality in an effective recruiting coordinator. Coordinators spend most of their workday communicating with various people throughout your organization. Effective and efficient communication is therefore paramount to optimizing resources and ensuring continuity throughout your organization in the hiring process. In addition, recruiting coordinators are often among the first people to interface with job candidates. Therefore, professionalism and an ability to make others feel welcome are essential.

In addition to written and verbal communication skills, core skills include:

  • Technological proficiency
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Comfortable multitasking
  • Robust clerical skills
  • Professional dress and decorum

In addition to the core skills, these higher-level skills are common among the most attractive recruiting manager candidates:

  • Proficiency in Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Proficiency in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Proficiency in Salesforce software
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Access
  • Public speaking skills

Recruiting Job Description Sample

Here is a sample template for a Recruiting Coordinator Job Description, largely adapted from here:

Recruiting Coordinator Job Description Sample:

We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated Recruiting Coordinator to join our HR team. As a Recruiting Coordinator at our company, you will assist with finding, sourcing, attracting and hiring talent that satisfy our organizational needs.

Recruiting Coordinator Activities & Responsibilities:

  • Develop recruitment goals and objectives
  • Develop sustainable recruiting strategy based on goals and organizational need
  • Source passive candidates
  • Search resume databases for ideal candidates
  • Communicate effectively with Hiring Managers
  • Determine the effectiveness of current recruiting programs and strategies
  • Identify areas of recruiting strategies that need improvement
  • Devise and implement improved recruiting strategies
  • Build a robust and consistent talent pool to find qualified candidates, both active and passive
  • Identify key recruiting KPIs
  • Carefully review applicants and identify the most qualified for a given position
  • Adhere to laws, rules and regulations
  • Adhere to personal data privacy regulations
  • Prepare progress reports on a X basis

Recruiting Coordinator Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or relevant field
  • X years of experience as Recruiting Coordinator or similar HR role
  • Eager and willing to learn the position requirements
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Thorough problem-solving skills
  • A team player
  • Committed to utilizing HR methods
  • Experience in Employer Branding methods
  • Familiar with Recruitment Marketing
  • Competency with various with HR tools, such as ATS & CRM
  • Basic competency with general marketing strategies


Recruiting coordinators are an essential part of the recruitment process. Yet, whereas other roles--Talent Sourcing, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, etc.--are in charge of individual stages of the recruitment process, recruiting coordinators are involved in every stage of the hiring process and ensure it all runs as smoothly as possible.

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