Recruiting Strategy

Hiring Success Glossary

The driving force behind the success of almost every company and organization out there is the often unseen group of people behind the scenes better known as the staff and team members.

In order for these organizations to reach the levels of efficiency and success that they need, they need to have the right people working for them. There is no point in having a group of lazy unmotivated and uncreative people working for you because your company and organisation will suffer. This is a part of good recruiting strategy.

Companies are always on the lookout for the best talent on the market and pay large sums of money in order to hire the most innovative and best out there. But have you have ever wondered who gets to sift through the scores of application letters and CVs that potential employers send through? No, well it’s usually the human resources team, the ‘recruiters’ if you will. In order for them to effectively find the right person to join the company they have to have a strategy and a plan for going about the recruiting strategy process.

This all important document that they use as a reference and guideline is what is known as the recruitment strategy. It is the document that points the way for the organization to go when it comes to what they are looking for in future employees.

There are many recruitment strategies that may be used to find the right candidate for the job and these are all dependent on the nature of the business and what the candidate will be required to do. There is no one-size fits all recruitment strategy as every organisation has different aims and goals.

In general an effective recruitment strategy is one which will outline how to carry out the recruitment process, the channels and avenues that are going to be pursued in order for the vacancy to be filled i.e. whether traditional newspaper adverts are going to be posted, online ads done, flyers or other marketing tools employed. The recruiting strategy also details how one organisation is different from its competitors as well as stating what the benefits of working for the company looking to recruit are. All of these factors and more constitute what makes up a recruitment strategy.

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