Referral Program Management

Hiring Success Glossary

Referral program management is the systematic organization of social referrals or affiliate programs in order to generate traffic in an effective way. Referral programs can be defined as the spreading the popularity of company or website through materials posted on social sites or popular crowd pulling sites in order to redirect them to your site. Referral program management has gained its importance as the demand for referrals have increased suddenly all over the social media. Often individuals or a group of people appointed by a referral management company monitor the reach of a referral link which in turn generates statistics for the company’s advertising campaigns. Referral Program management is also responsible for ranking a certain affiliate program posted over the internet based on the amount of people who visit the site through it or search for similar material through the search engine. While yielding expected results from referral programs is a combination of sheer luck and strategy, the following key points should be considered to gain the upper hand in referral program management:

  • Mentioning the referral programs to as many people as possible. This can be made possible by combining the referral program with a certain offer or scheme that the customers appreciate
  • Referral programs are cheap and hence the best efforts should be made to popularize them
  • Making your referral programs platform independent and easily sharable
  • Extending the shell-life of your referral programs by marketing schemes and targeting it to a specific audience has been found to yield excellent results
  • Managing the referral programs statistically so that one does not overlap the other

A recent survey suggests that people who join from referral links posted by friends are almost 4 times the amount of people who generally join the sites through advertisements. Thus, referral program management is not only effective in generating traffic but also equally responsible for proving the legitimacy of your website.

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