Resume Parsing

Hiring Success Glossary

As recruiting teams push to find the most qualified candidates in competitive hiring environments, resume parsing systems extract data at scale and streamline the recruiter’s workflow. Since scanning resumes manually is nearly impossible and will not allow a recruiter to search a database, many applicant tracking systems (ATS) use resume parsing as a feature that scans and identifies keywords, phrases or skills needed to be a successful match for open positions.

Resume parsers speed up the screening time frame and make the entire hiring process more efficient. They extract the most relevant information, which allows recruiters to search all resumes directly from their ATS using a variety of criteria including contact information, job titles, key words, work experiences, education and certifications.

And resume parsing software is not just for the benefit of the human resources team: it can greatly enhance candidate experience as well. More and more, online job applications have mobile friendly capabilities that parse resumes, so applicants can upload resumes which pull directly into applications, ideally without the need for substantial editing or manual data entry. Information may also be directly parsed from social media profiles like LinkedIn.

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