Hiring Success Glossary

A resume consist of the compilation of education, credentials, work experience, and accomplishment, which are used to apply for the job. This is the most important piece for any job application.

Types of resume

There are different types of resume, which used to apply for the job. You can choose the resume according to your personal circumstances.

  • The Chronological resume

The Chronological resume includes your work history, and the recent position on which you were working is listed first. This is the most common form of resume because an employer can easily see what type of job you have done in the recent past. It is good for the candidates who are strong and have solid work history.

  • Functional Resume

This form of resume works mainly with the skills and experience of the person rather then the work history. This is mainly used by the people who have gaps in the history of the employment or have changing careers.

  • Combination Resume

In the combination resume, the first things that you need to enter are the skills and the experience. After skills and experience, you need to list the employment history. In this type of skills, you can show your skills which are relevant to the jobs as well as your chronological work history.

  • Resume with Profile

The Resume with Profile includes the summary of the candidate’s skills, experience and the goals related to the job.

  • The targeted resume

The targeted resume shows the customized form summary of the candidate. It highlights the experience and skills, which are relevant to your job.  The target resume takes more time to write. This can be the perfect t resume for your job.

  • The mini resume

The mini resume has brief summary of your career, which highlights the qualification that you have. It can be used for networking purpose.

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